Thursday, 24 November 2016

Christmas Card Making

Hello! As you probably already know if you read my blog, I make a Christmas card every week of the year as a proud member of the DT for 52 Christmas Card Throwdown. Some are planned and carefully made, more are rushed panic-jobs at 4 o'clock on the Friday! Then I make more Christmas cards (if that makes any sense) just like all those normal card-makers! Here is one of those cards.

I was inspired by a lovely card my friend Fanny had made with a very similar background to this one. Her card had a beribboned sleigh, but I have just gone for one reindeer here instead. I made it with the wonderful Santa's Sleigh bundle which I love!

He is off to proudly show his smart ribbon collar to Di and Parsnip at Pixie's Snippets Playground! Hope you are feeling on the mend, Di!
Happy Christmas crafting! April x


  1. Love this card April - what a gorgeous design with the trees in the background and that beautiful reindeer in front. Parsnip is now running round looking for the saddle off his rocking horse and getting ready for a reindeer ride!


    Di xx

    1. Thanks Di! Ha ha - he is such a silly billy! Xx


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