Thursday, 20 April 2017


Hello! I hope you had a lovely Easter. Here is a card I made for my friend's daughter. It was her sixth birthday! I came across these cute unicorns here made by a German demonstrator called Dani. They are made from a combination of pieces punched with the Owl Builder (very sadly retiring) and the Fox Builder punches. Super-cute I think! Here is a little herd of them galloping across the grass:

We had some very nice weather just before Easter. Here is a photo from a lovely walk around the marine lake at West Kirby.

We also did some pottery painting. Here is my finished pineapple!
The unicorns are very snippet-friendly of course, so they are off to visit Di and Parsnip over at Pixie's Snippets Playground. I think Parsnip should be able to catch the pink unicorn for a quick trot around!!
Happy crafting! April x


  1. Your unicorns are very cute April. What a shame the owl punch is being retired. There,s so much you can do with it. Barbxx

  2. Oh April, how clever! I love punch art and the SU owl punch is so versatile (not got the fox though). Why, oh why, do they retire things that are still quite popular I wonder?

    Parsnip was last seen galloping of into the distance in a cloud of dust - on what looked very much like a pink unicorn to me. Shakes head in disbelief here :)


    Di xx

  3. Ha ha! He'll be back for his tea! Oh I know! Gutted to see that owl on his way out :-( Xx


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