Friday, 1 March 2019

Scavenger Photo Hunt - February

Hello! Time for another scavenger photo hunt over at I Live, I Love, I Craft, I am Me where the words for the month of February are - Sound/hear, Smell/scent, Feel/touch, Taste, Sight/see, my own choice. So here goes!


Not the greatest photo, but the sounds of KPop pervade our house everyday. I also have a special KPop playlist just for soap-making (bit odd, I know!) We were lucky enough to see BTS in concert in Amsterdam back in October. Holland were playing Germany next door and I had never been in such a massive crowd in my life! Today, after a fitful night of sleep I managed to get tickets for their Wembley concert in the summer. Very excited (and stressed) doesn't begin to cover it!


Scent from a lovely rose in our garden last summer!


Another rather 'niche' interest...after many years of supporting Everton I finally got round to touring Goodison Park. We were shown round by ex-captain Mark Higgins and in the changing room, you were allowed to touch all the shirts. You could take them down from their hooks and pose with them for photos. Again, perhaps a bit odd, but it made me very happy!


Yum! Churros and chocolate sauce consumed at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Liverpool. Highly appropriate for the Year of the Pig which also happens to be my birth year too!


I love this photo of Shabti figures taken at Liverpool Museum. This is just one end of many rows that are beautifully arranged in all their many shades of exquisite colours.

My own choice

I took this photo in the Cat Café in Liverpool. Look at that paw and those ears!! This is usually how I feel at the beginning of the month, but after a short spell of gorgeous sunny weather, I'm feeling much more energetic!

Hope you enjoy my small collection of photos. They were very inspirational words! I'm looking forward to seeing all the other photos that everyone has posted.

April x