Friday, 14 August 2015

Rainy Day Card

Generally in the world of papercraft, I take the view that 'less is more'. Sometimes though, 'more is more', particularly when it's raining and it's going to rain all day. Believe it or not, this card started out as a CAS creation. An enamel dot was used to cover a smudge, then another and then it all just went downhill from there leading to a rather unfortunate embellishment explosion. Added to all that, the lovely girl this card is intended for is about as far removed from being a party animal as it is possible to be. Oh dear!

So this is my last contribution of the week to Pixie's Snippets Playground. I've already scared Parsnip with my dinos and I think this will give him a different kind of fright! :-) (Poor Parsnip!!)

April x


  1. Love all the elements you used..what a fun card!

  2. Fun card April! I love that you went wild with embellishments, and so long as those balloons don't burst Parsnip seems to be calm again :-)


    Di xx

    1. Thanks Di - glad that Parsnip is down from the tree! :-) Xx


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